Saturday, November 08, 2014

Down the Cleaning Rabbit Hole

Have you ever done this?  Started cleaning one small mess that made you realize how dirty everything else around it was, and then you get into this cycle of trying to make everything equally clean?

This is similar to the phenomenon of the endless bowl of cereal - you eat the cereal, have too much milk, so add a little more cereal, but then you need just a little more milk to try and achieve the perfect milk-to-cereal ratio... you see where this is going.  This is why I don't buy Fruity Pebbles anymore.

It's a quick path from there to throwing up your hands and deciding never to clean anything again.

Today I picked up my cordless mouse and went to switch it on - and realized that the tiny switch cavity area was partially obscured by some sort of filth collected from the mouse pad.

Listen, I don't know where mousepad grime comes from.  More importantly, I don't think I want to know.

I used a little straight pin - okay, I'm lying, I really used an earring that I lost the back to and have been too lazy to put away.  Anyway.  I gently scraped away the surprising amount of grime and thought, "let me just run this earring along the other little crevices on the mouse."  Mistake.  Apparently, there is either a wad of cat fur that worked it's way inside the mouse or the plastic exterior of the mouse is the exoskeletal armor of an actual mouse.

I feel like there is a moral to the story here.  Something about how if you go looking for dirt, you are going to find it.  Or maybe that just because something looks clean on the outside doesn't mean it isn't full of dead skin cells and feline fur on the inside.  But really, it just reminded me that cats are gross.

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