Saturday, January 04, 2014

The Story Before The Other Story About The Tire

I'm really bad at knowing at what point in the story one ought to start a tale.  Maybe it is a remainder from those tort classes about proximate cause, but I often seem to find myself saying, "But wait, for you to understand this, I have to go back to that one time...."

Today we got a flat tire.  I have a funny story about this flat tire. In order to tell you about it, I first need to explain why this tire went flat. The beginning of that story is in March 2013.  At least.

The first story isn't really funny, it's just background.  So we can credit the flat tire to 2013's account.  And also so you can fully comprehend why my husband turned to color of a boiled lobster.

Round about March 2013, Firestone received lots and lots of money to replace our worn-out brakes and tires. Shortly after that, I went into the hospital for a week, and then onto short-term disability for the next seven-ish weeks.  (I had mono and gastroenteritis, the exact dates are fuzzy.)  Right after that, we discovered an unfortunately placed pothole in the middle of the road.  It was not as cute as this pothole, but was just as large and almost as destructive:

We did not immediately notice any damage, and, with relief, we went on our merry way.

Awhile later (later enough that it was near to being autumn), I noticed a blister on the same (brand new) tire that was eaten by the giant pothole.  That same day, the heater got stuck on defrost.  The Hubs decided to take the car to Firestone to have it checked out.

After replacing some random part on the heater, the folks at Firestone told the Hubs that we had a bent rim, but that the blister wasn't anything to worry about.  The rim was (supposedly) fixed.  The next day, we started noticing the car shaking a bit when we hit 65.

We probably should have taken the car back to Firestone at that point, but life was crazy and we aren't made of money.  Honestly, we didn't really think it was related to the tire thing, we just thought it was yet another annoying problem with our car.

When we visited my in-laws recently, we mentioned the shaking thing.  My father-in-law took the car to his "guy,"  who informed us that Firestone had not properly aligned something-or-other, blah blah blah, car talk.  This was right after I lost my job, so it was kind of one of those moments where you say, "Alas.  That stinketh" and go on with your life because you don't have money to fix it.

Towards the end of November, I had to put air in that tire.  This isn't uncommon with the advent of winter so I didn't really think anything of it.  Unbeknownst to me, in December, the Hubs ALSO had to put air in the tire.

And then today, in the middle of crazy traffic, we realized we had a flat tire.  For real-thunk smack thunk smack-look for a place to pull over-flat.

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