Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Step At A Time

I've been away for awhile, but honestly, I use all my spare "blogging time" to write to my brother, who is less than a month from finishing boot camp!!!  I hope to post on a more regular schedule starting in March.

This post started as a Facebook status that just got longer and longer until I realized, hey! This is a blog post!!

A week ago, I pulled out the ol' gym shorts, tied on my walking shoes, and hit the treadmill. I know that getting back into an exercise routine is important... But ohhhh, am I a big whiny baby about the pain!

The first day, I tried to jump right in where I left off before my knee surgery... In 2009.  I made it, ohh, 5 minutes.  It doesn't help that the built in incline of our treadmill is mountainous - starting at 2 mph seemed reasonable!

When I finished wheezing and coughing like an old Chevy, I stuck some books under the end to adjust the incline.  I gave up after just another couple minutes.  (Yes, I know its probably not safe.  But neither is climbing the Rocky Mountains with a bum knee and no stamina.) I think we can call session 1 pretty much fail... Although my muscles were a smidge sore, so they thought the exercise was reasonable.

They are also lazy, and like chocolate cookies, which is why we don't listen to them.  Often.

So, okay, I decide, I have to push my self to go a little harder everyday... I can do that.

Ten minutes.  The next time, I made it ten minutes, still attempting a nice 2 mph "warm up." Yeah, not a warm up anymore, its a run now.  My pulse got into the 160 range, and I was so disappointed!  But hey, that was more than my previous attempt, so props, I guess.

Today's warm up was 1.5 mph, with about 7 minutes at 2 mph... I stayed on that stupid piece of mechanized plastic for a full 25 minutes, though!  I'm not proud of my pace (little over half a mile), disgusted with myself for letting myself get THIS out of shape, but so proud I actually made my goal for the week of finishing a 25 minute walk! 

Also, all my muscles hate me, I am lying in bed trying to stretch out the cramps, and if I want to sleep tonight, ANOTHER glass of water isn't an option. Brain, its up to you, because my muscles are as loud as a hungry baby.

My goal is to slowly increase my pace, until I build my stamina and knee strength back up.  When I can go 25 minutes at my old warm up speed, then I will consider a longer workout.

I AM going to get my health back.

One step at a time.