Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Long, Farewell

Okay, that might be a little extreme.  But today is the last day of NaBloPoMo, and other than some unfortunate connectivity issues that caused posts to go up late, I managed to post every day.  I started this month with nothing more than the goal of blogging more often, and have rekindled my interest in blogging in general.  I loved doing it with my sister and husband.  It started off kind of epic, and I continued strong past the half way point, but the last week and a half have been tough.  I wanted to end with a funny, long post about the month, or Thanksgiving, or well, anything else but this, but my sweet little Malakai shared his stomach bug with me, and its all I can do to sit here and type this.


I'm so proud of me, and so proud of my sister and The Hubs... and I'm proud of all of you, too!  Good job to each and every person who participated in NaBloPoMo this year, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of the wonderful readers, commenters, and lurkers who encouraged me this month.  I may do this again later in the year, or I may wait until next November (I definitely won't be NaBlo'ing in December!), but I hope you will continue to visit as I resume posting on a slightly more erratic (but more sensible for me) schedule.


  1. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Hey they may not have all been verbal masterpieces, but they were there. My favorite title was...."I can has tulle"
    Proud Ancestor

  2. Hey hon, (is it ok to call you hon? I feel I know you and your husband after a whole month of NBPM!)

    Anyway, I wanted to let you know I have awarded you the Liebster Award. You can read about what it is here, and find my write-up of all my nominees at

    Thanks for blogging all month long. :)