Thursday, November 17, 2011 - Where I Get Dissed!

When last we talked, The Hubs had the world convinced that he was married, and I (the poor college student) was out $25 for a new pair of pants.

That's like 100 packages of Ramen!
Of course, it was all a lie.  I (along with a multitude of other people) was quite peeved with him for sometime after this stunt.  He informed everyone a day or two later that it was all a joke, and that he had merely acquired a new girlfriend (his second in our acquaintance.)

They broke up not long after, and then there was a time of darkness.  And blogging.  Thus began his blue period.  This part is really HIS story more than mine, although I did bear witness to the unfortunate events that followed.  There is one brief story from this time that I (more than he) feels is pertinent:

He had by this time graduated from college and gone on to Seminary - this necessitated a move to the state from which my father hails.  My grandfather and Aunt still live here, and we made a yearly pilgrimage to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.  The Hubs (then just "The Guy I Know From The Internet" or TGIKFTI) and I had discussed meeting one another during my trip, and on the appointed day, I called him to confirm.  No response.  No response for several days.  After returning to Kentucky, I was finally able to get a hold of him to ask, "What in the heck?!?"  I received the following (paraphrased) explanation: "Oh.  About that.  I had to take this girl to the Inner Harbor to comfort her after she broke up with her boyfriend."  Just think how things might have been different...

We could have had it all, The American Dream.  Instead, he let me finish growing up, and now I tell him to make his own sammich.  He could have had sammiches!
True story: when I broached the topic of meeting The Hubs (not that I referred to him as such back then) with my father, he agreed that it was probably safe after many years of writing, but henceforward proceeded to refer to The Hubs as "The Ax Murderer."  He refer to him by that name that until we started dating, and may have continued to do so behind my back. 

Also, I have not yet been murdered, particularly not with an ax.  So, there's that.
More time passed, and more things happened.  I received my Associates Degree and moved on to a four year college in Missouri.  The Hubs began dating Inner Harbor girl and completed his education.  We refer to this as his rose-colored period. And then dissolved his relationship with Inner Harbor girl.  This was the beginning of his "black as the darkest pit with no light at all anywhere and the sky is falling.  The sky is also black" period.

It was very depressing, not just for him but for all of his friends.  There was blogging, long hair, selling insurance and working for an evil corporate overlord.  Ιt was during this period that we finally met.

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