Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Counting Down The Days

So, its been a long time since I've posted here. It won't be much longer until I won't be using the tag "Law school" anymore. I'm only on page 9 of my seminar paper edits - yes, it IS due tomorrow at noon, boys and girls. I've also not even TOUCHED my studying for Conflicts. Ah, family, why do you make the second week of finals so... INTERESTING... every year?

My sister unexpectedly came into town with my nephew on Friday night (which is awesome), and I got roped into a shift at work Sunday morning - much longer one than I agreed to work even. SO my weekend of studying? COMPLETELY shot. Tried to get some work done on Monday, not so successful.

Will is getting here today at 1630, and do you think I have cleaned anything? No I have not. I'm just hoping to get these edits done before 1200, put in a section about "prevention", and get my "So what should we do" section better cited before 1400, and then be done. That gives me just enough time for a shower and my hair before I have to drive to L-ville. Then I can get home, run by the book store to see if they have any study guides for cheaper than expensive, and start work on Conflicts. I'll make the boy proofread my paper, and hopefully take my Conflicts final sometime tomorrow night or Friday morning. Ugh.

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