Monday, September 29, 2008


So, I recently changed my facebook status to "Dorothy hates being exhausted all the time." The following is the conversation I had with my father via comments:

You need to schedule a vacation day. Get away from everything. You can do it. Just plan it. (Stay away from the video games, they don't help) Love you. You're going to make it through this because you are the best.

Recalcitrant Daughter
I was considering a trip to Maryland around the 18th... ;)

What would be refreshing about that. Oh, a nice family visit! ;-)

Recalcitrant Daughter
Right! Family... visit... of relaxation... Is it just me, or does that sound... less than relaxing?

Family is always the most relaxing people to be around. Always just except you the way you are and love you unconditionally. You know that!

Recalcitrant Daughter
They might accept and love me - but that doesn't mean they relax me. And you know that! lol...

So what pray tell would you go to Maryland for?

Recalcitrant Daughter
A hockey game...

That was my next guess.

Recalcitrant Daughter
Really! Whatever the DC team is called vs New Jersey Devils...

Capitols I think.

Recalcitrant Daughter
That's it... :) But yes, the plan was actually to see a hockey game if I come. Its coincidence, of course, that I'd be going with Will and possibly some of his friends.

My dad is hilarious and awesome. I think I am going on vacation.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

All Journally And Stuff

I've been such a girl recently! Doodling on my paper, hearts and swirls and other things. Its pretty hilarious how cliche I am. I am constantly amazed by the sudden normalcy of my life - no extra drama, everything balanced. I wonder how long it can last - but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I never could have imagined being so content in a relationship - its not like everything is always perfect, I'm sure Will could tell you all how much I drive him crazy sometimes. (He says "Its not you, its the things you do." Imagine the snicker on my face.) But it just feels so healthy and normal - which is all I ever really wanted. It just makes me so happy! Okay, so, I'm sure any of you who still bother to read this are tired of my happy girl in love posts. I'll try and tone it down.

I've been pretty sick this last week - I'm not sure if its a cold, sinus infection, or what, but I am quite certain it has its origins in my allergies problems that struck as soon as I crossed back into the fair bluegrass state. I have never had an allergy problem before, but there are a lot of people like me who have suddenly dscovered how awful they are here in Kentucky. Its weird. I just have a cough and a bit of congestion in my chest now, and I don't have a sinus-induced migraine, so I think it is (tentatively) safe to say I am on the mend.

I generally like my classes, even though I don't really understand half as much as I read. I see words having to do with money and numbers, and my brain starts throwing up. Its very distracting. Nevertheless, I've been doing my best, and if I really buckle down and study, I think I will do okay. I hope. Litigation Skills is going to be very interesting, I think.

Hey, this is the last day of my second week of school, and I've only missed two classes total so far this semester - and both due somewhat to being sick. (Ok, I was actually just refusing to get out of bed this morning... but I blame it on feeling crappy!)

My "little" brother C-Dog [names changed to protect the "innocent"] got married on Monday. The wedding was lovely, there was minimal drama (shocking, I know, to those of you who know the situation. Which is... probably no one.) I had to wear tape because the b/m dress was a bit too big - and it still didn't help a whole lot. My hair looked amazing, though.

I got it cut (short!) on Thursday. The color from before had faded (I had it dyed back to my natural color, but because that was darker, the dye faded back to a lighter shade, leaving me still with roots showing.) Now, I'm not really that photogenic, so even though the color looked okay in person, in pictures it was AWFUL. So I grabbed a semi-pemanent dye off the shelf on Sunday, thinking that would be okay. It was supposed to be, at its very darkest, about my natural color (a mid-to-light brown). Can I just tell you that my hair is so dark, it almost looks black? Only the red in it shows that it is actually a very dark brown - with my ghost-like complexion, I would NEVER have picked it for myself. But it looks really good! Well, I think so anyway.

I like the color and cut a lot - as soon as Will sees it, I'm sure I'll be able to convince him that short dark hair is just as nice as long red hair. Maybe.

I'm still trying to figure out how in the heck to get transferred to Starbucks in Lexington. Matt is an eejit, who wouldn't make the ONE phone call needed to let it go through. I don't really know why. Anyway, I have to figure it out myself. Ugh. At least I really like working for the company - I know, I'm a dork. But it is such a fun job!!

All right, enough of my and my randomness. Have a wonderful weekend!!