Thursday, July 17, 2008

For Some Strange Reason

This state blocks facebook from its computers, but not livejournal. I miss my facebook.


I spent yesterday morning here at my internship, then the whole afternoon swimming in the bay with Will. Then I came back, went to care group at my aunt's house (where I was accosted by nacho-cheese mouthed children), and then went back to my grandfather's house and did laundry.

At one point in there, I found out that my dear friend (from fifth grade, no less) Jamie gave my name to the recruiting team where she works (a research corporation). This would be the most amazingly awesome opportunity EVAH! They have offices in Charlotte Virginia and DC.

DC. Refer to my posts after January 2005 if you have forgotten how much I love that city. So much.

It might come to nothing, but even the possibility has opened windows into my horizons. I am so much excited, you have no idea. God's provision and blessing is astounding to me - I know I don't deserve it, and I can't help but fall on my face in awe.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Way too much has happened since my last post. I've been in Maryland for about a month now. (I believe it was a month yesterday.) I have four things I didn't have before I came here:

A job (as a Starbucks Barista - Certified!)
An internship (well, I had it already, I guess, but I hadn't started it yet)
A neice-or-nephew
A boyfriend

I know, that last one made me blink, too. How did that happen? I'm not really entirely sure, to be honest. Will and I have been friends for something like thirteen years. We just started hanging out (he lives about an hour and a half from Easton), and we clicked.

Which is kind of weird. After thirteen years.

I'm not complaining, mind you! (Mostly because I just realized he added me on livejournal... ;) )

And my sister Sarah is pregnant. Phew. Life is so crazy-full