Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Super Summer!

Okay, so, I am in Maryland. Generally speaking, except for a minute or two here and there, I am without internet. I had to pay $100 for someone else to backup my harddrive before it got replaced, because for whatever reason, I couldn't do it myself. I tried. Repeatedly. But my computer is still under warranty, and the hard drive IS crapping out, so there you go.

If there are any software issues, I have to fix them myself. Whatever, I can reformat my hard drive, as long as it is properly backed up. Ugh. Money issues are scaring me - a lot. I'm still waiting on that job to materialize, you know, the one at Starbucks that pays. Stupid economy.

I really like my internship, though, for all that I don't get paid. I am shadowing "D," a public defender here. I really like her, and despite her protestations to the contrary, she is a good attorney. I think she needs affirmation. I really like this office, actually, and I don't think I would mind actually working here myself.

You know, attorneys for the government don't make much money. So, if I want to do public interest law, I better prepare to be poor! Although... states usually offer some loan repayment assitance to government employees in public service - and pretty much all attorneys working for the state governments are public interest. Prosecuters and appointed defense counsel. Yeah, we'll see.

I'll be around insofar as I can. I miss you, computer friends!

(I hear I'm not the only one with hard drive problems. To my friends out there (I understand there is more than one!), you have my sincerest sympathies. I understand your pain. Computers are both the blessing and bane of my life. I'm starting to feel bi-polar with the extremely good and extremely bad hitting me in rapid succession.

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