Thursday, April 03, 2008

Teh Caly

How does God see me? Not like man sees me...

I've lost a lot of friends over the last couple of years, I don't really know how. I begin to think its an inevitable loss - no matter how old the friendship - and then I remember. The way people come to see me isn't how God sees me. No matter what I do, I can't drive Him away.

And some friends really are as sticky and fun as glue, especially when you make "glue hands."

Caly, you are an amazing, wonderful friend - and everyone who knows you agrees. Everyone loves "Teh Caly" - Its the only reason I trust that the you I know is the real thing - I don't trust my own judgment anymore. I'm so blessed to know you. I can trust you with anything, and know you'll never throw it back in my face. In five years, we've never disagreed on anything... just had different perspectives. If you've ever been annoyed with me, I didn't know. You've restored my faith in humanity more than once. You make time for me, even when life is beating you up, and that is more than any person could ask for. You listen to my rants, and pretend (in the most believable way possible) to agree with my elaborate plans for revenge. I've never once questioned your loyalty, your faithfulness, your kindness, or your general love of everyone. Your big heart and big smile are as genuine as they come. You cuss like a sailor, and apologize in the same breath, and unrepentantly carry on with your cursing. You listen to all my wacky ideas, and even laugh at most of them. Like me, you get scared if we talk about being scared of the dark. You color-code candy. You agree with all of my ridiculous insults. You pretend its completely normal to act like a five year old. You stay up far too late on the phone. You appreciate my voice-mail messages, especially the ones where I sing. You sing with me when I have a song stuck in my head, even if the five second delay makes it sound hilarious. You don't get offended when I insult your cats. In fact, you just don't ever get offended by me. You trust me to be there for you, which is scary, but amazing. You bear with my incessant need to explain the obvious, even when I'm wrong. You not only listen to my insanely long stories, but you encourage me to go off on random tangents, and sometimes I don't finish the story for a couple of days. You bear with my repeated attempts to coerce you into giving me a god-child. You promised I could have one! (Crazy girl). You like popcorn made on the stove. You sing along to the Backyardigans, no matter how much I tell you they terrify me. You yell "YetiYetiYeti!" in the middle of my voicemail about Yeti's... and then call to tell me you did it, when I knew you would. You talk in funny accents. You jump waves with the joy of a five year old. You make fun of your husband, but respect him anyway. You are raising a special-needs child with grace, finesse, and aplomb - and doing a darn fine job of it. You sacrifice yourself for your family, your friends, and everyone else. You have an artist's eye. You are tall and beautiful, like an amazon (but with both boobs still attached). You are living proof that "real women have curves" and look amazing doing it. You support breast cancer research, autism awareness, and a greener way of life. You're a republican (sort of). You like pretty much every kind of music. You dance like no one is watching. You collect cats, and love them all - even the icky boy cats. Even the ones who shun you, and pee on your blankets.

There is so much more I could say.. but let me close with this: Please don't stop being my friend.

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