Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paying Less Attention Than I Should

Its supposed to start ice-storming any minute now. I called in to my internship, because I need to go get Lexis-Nexis Certified - and I didn't realize today was the last day to do it. I'm really glad I did, though, because that means I won't have to drive home from downtown in rush hour traffic in the middle of an ice storm.

At least I remembered my umbrella.

I'm so busy, you guys. And I'm having one of those weeks where people decide to tell you what they really think about you: here are a few of the words:

Overly-sensitive to what other people think of me outside my 'area of expertise' (yes, I know that is more than one word)

These are not words I would have used to describe myself. (Well, bitter sometimes, but I'm really not.) It seems like, every time I start to develop some confidence, lose a bit of my self-consciousness, I hear about more reasons why that is a bad thing. At least when I am constantly critical of myself, I don't give other people a chance to do so.

That whole "you shouldn't care about what people think about you" thing is ridiculous. We SHOULD care what people think about us! If people think you are ______ (fill in the blank negative word), it will make you less effective. A good reputation, pleasant demeanor, etc... are important for success. The people who say I shouldn't care are the people that aren't (blank negative word), and haven't had to WORRY about their reputation.

I know those words don't describe me - my worry is how people see me. If they see me as that kind of person, I am clearly not reflecting the love of Jesus Christ - and that scares me. Because I want to be defined by my faith, not to have my faith defined by me. How can you help people when they think you are mean? Bitter? Cocky? etc..?

So, yes, I care. Now I just have to figure out what that means I have to do about it.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Its Not That I Wanted The Giants To Win...

I just wanted the Patriots to lose. Personally, I think Eli Manning is obnoxious. And even though my grandmother thinks Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is "scary," I like them. Him? It? Yeah.

BUT the Pats lost - Boston does NOT rule the professional sporting world.

Now, if we could only remind the SEC (ignoring Florida) that we are SUPPOSED to rule the world - or at least, NCAA basketball - I'd be on top of the world.

Oh, yeah, and UK SO won their first road game yesterday. Finally. In February. Whatever. Billy G, I'm glad you are finally getting a clue. Because I loved Tubby, and you are an alchy. (alchie? sp?) My dog is named Tubby, Billy G, so you have some big, good hearted shoes to fill.

Am I done sports-ranting now? I think so.