Sunday, April 24, 2005


So, it would seem that the average time people spend reading my blog has gone up, from 45 seconds to 2.5 minutes! Yay! You love me, you really love me!

Nathan is going to be here tonight... I've been busy cleaning Tara's apartment. I did all the dishes,l vacummed the floor in the dining room, kithcen and hall way, washed the windows and blinds, and cleaned all the walls in the hallway with a cleach solution. I also vacuumed Tara's air filter, and cleaned the face of the place that sucks the air in (don't know what its called). Now I have to start on the living room and bathroom.. *grumbles* Those two are gonna take awhile... and why am I doing this? So that Nathan will get to see Tara's apartment clean, and so that when she moves out, she will get her deposit back. Already, this place is cleaner than when Tara moved in.

All right, gotta go! *smooches*

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