Wednesday, April 13, 2005


It has been three days since I've talked to Nathan. Three...days... *sighs* I miss him so much. He went back to Tarkio for the week, and I'm really glad, because he needed a break from Nebraska. Nathan's recruiter screwed up... again... and so now he has to wait some more, and re-fill out a bunch of paperwork. Its good that he can break from the normal routine, and see real actual people who are his friends, and get that game out of his system *snorts* (yeah right)... but I am selfish, and I miss his voice being the last thing I hear before I fall asleep.

I got a 90 on my test in Theology, and a 27/30 on my Spanish test... I also passed my writing proficiency test, and turned in my research paper for Ancient World... so now all I have to do is finish my independant study.

I'm so sleepy, and I miss my boyfriend. *sniffs*

I had an awesome conversation with my daddy last night, so that was a happy thing, anyway.


  1. Of course, you do realize that "agkdljfaoidf*****" is, in fact, a very foul and horrible word in another dimension, to which the internet is a portal, and that you may have just caused a major war.

  2. I've always wanted to be the instigator of a major conflict between different species...