Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Yesterday was my birthday...

Yes, thats right folks, I am officially 22 years old now. And I had a very good birthday!

I got up, went to the social science chapel. Then I did something not-so-smart. I told Ashley that it was my birthday. She got a really evil look on her face and said "Oh... really? I'm going to tell Dr. Jenkins!" Dr. Celeste Jenkins was leading the social science department chapel, and she doesn't like to lead people in singing, but to get chapel credit, you have to have singing. So then Dr. Jenkins got a really evil look on her face and said "OH Professor Garrett, today is {insert pseudonym here]'s birthday!" Now, if you know Professor Garrett, you can guess what happened next. The words were hardly out of her mouth with Professor Garrett busts out a rousing rendition of the Happy Birthday song, and EVERYONE ELSE joins in. Dr. Hall, Dr. Sanders, Professor Murphy, Mrs. Sardo (the secretery), and about 15, 20 students. I was mildly amused while being at the same time mortified. Funny? Yes. Scarring? Also yes.

After chapel, Jennifer and I went to the gym and worked out for an hour. Most of the weights and machines I was familiar with, no problem, I knew I would be sore but it wasn't unexpected. But then I got this idea to try out a machine I've never used before, which also means I was working some muscle groups I haven't worked before. OW. The muscles in my upper arms and where my arm and shoulder meet are SO SORE. I've been drinking water and doing the ibuprofen thing, but I should have taken it a little easier.

After that I went to the computer lab and typed out my two papers... took about an hour. Then I went to class and turned said papers in. I went to Spanish, taught everyone a vile word (I didn't realize how vile it was until my Professor gave me a horrified look... but we were talking about "La Malinche" and of COURSE I had to insert my random knowledge that her name has been turned into an epithet.) Then I got lunch ("Cashew Chicken") and called some people and talked online. Talked to Amanda after she came and bugged me in the computer lab *grins* and then I got all gussied up and went to Tara's house. We decided to go, first to Target so I could spend some of my hard-earned birthday money, and then to Olive Garden... she wanted to buy me dinner.

I bought a really cute blue-green mesh cami at Target... I need to get some flip-flops and fake turquoise jewelry to cuten it up. Maybe a purse.

Then we went to Olive Garden, and that was lovely.

Then Wal-Mart, then picked up Shannon, went back to school and got over-night stuff, and went BACK to Tara's to spend the night.

My parents sent me roses today.

I got to talk to my mom, sister Rebekah, Caly (well, she left a voice mail), and Nathan on the phone, all to wish me happy birthday... it was so wonderful, and everyone was so nice. I wanted to cry, I was so happy and grateful. My grandfather and Mary Vincent sent me the sweetest birthday card... I always love the birthday cards they send me. Oh! My mom and some random number of my siblings sang happy birthday to me using the speakerphone, and left it on my voicemail. I laughed for like five minutes. Andy and Erika want to do something some night this week, since they both had to work yesterday. Its been wonderful.

Oh, and even though he didn't mean it to be a birthday card, William sent me a postcard all the way from Puerto Rico. A nice surprise!


  1. Ok 2 hours late but what the hey Happy B-Day
    Any way look at the bottom right hand corner If anyone knows you do that is a Tri-Force that is why i said i am not sure what this is suppose to be.
    Well have a good one.
    Didnt mean to sound snoty. When i reread that it sounded to me like i was Snoty.
    Drink The Green Stuff (MountainDew)

  2. Rats, betrayed by the postal service again!

  3. You don't sound snotty, Dewey. *grins* And as for you, my dear Guillermo, you may not LIKE it that you make other people happy, but you do anyway! *cackles*