Tuesday, March 29, 2005

There We Go

So, I cooked a LOT of food this weekend... list? Okay!

Apple pie, Cherry pie, pumpkin pie, orange-honey glazed ham, baked macaroni and cheese, green bean cassarole, real mashed potatos, gravy, dirt dessert... Is that all? I think so... *hmms* There were nine of us at T.'s house, and we also did communion together, which was cool. A.W. was driving me crazy, he always has to one-up everyone else. Crazy. Then that night I got really sick... and I'm still sick. I mean, I have felt really bad, off and on, for the last few weeks, but that night was the beginning of a really bad run... So yes...

Looks like T. and E. are getting an apartment together... *grumbles* Why do I feel this way? I can't wait to find out where N. is going to be stationed... he may not go to boot camp till after my graduation, so that he can make sure that he will be there for it.

I came over to T.'s apartment to get my roomate's cd from J. (her fiance is visiting) and to help him decide what to do with her his last day here, only he doesn't really want my help and is only playing video games. Sigh. So I can't do anything today, and it is gorgeous outside, and its supposed to get cold again tomorrow. Le sigh...

BUT I did have some good things:

Passed my CLEP test for world civ 2, got an A in Washington Studies, a B on my last history test, and A's on the three papers I turned in last week... wOOt..

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