Thursday, March 17, 2005

Silent Hostility

S. says that she admires me because I am not afraid to confront my roomate... she wishes that she could get up the guts to do so with hers. But then, of course, she would have to deal with silent hostility.

I was upset, I admit it. But E. gave me a message from her, and said that she was really upset... she had no right or reason to be upset. Then I was annoyed, but instead of letting it simmer and confronting her hours later, I called her right away. She was mad that I thought she was mad at me, and was therefore mad at her. Confusing enough? But it gets better. After informing me (angrily) that I had no right to be upset, she said that she was now upset, and that there was no point in me even calling her in the first place. I attempted to (calmly) explain that I was sorry that there had been a misunderstanding, but wasn't it better that I talk to her about it right away and find out that she wasn't upset then to get really mad, and then go off on her later? But no. She has spoken to me at all today, which wouldn't be so bad if she weren't going out of her way to make sure that I knew she was ignoring me. Yeesh.

'Kay, thats my random thought of the day! *smooches*

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