Friday, December 31, 2004

New Years Eve...

Well, even though I can't kiss my own querido at the stroke of midnight (we aren't even in the same time zone!) I can still wish everyone a Happy New Year! If you can, grab a loved one and hold them tightly, and if you can't, well... pretend you can!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

New new new new

Not that anyone at all reads this anymore BUT...

I changed the look of my blog for the first time in a very long time... 2 and a half years, I think. Anyway, I like it, even if it is a little pretty-like...

I should stop posting, this is my 141st post, and I don't think I'm talking to anyone but myself anymore...

Be good, Watch TV

or The Horse Who Wanted To Be A Letter

or The Horse Who Wanted To Be A Letter

Wow. This is a very interesting story... by interesting, I mean that I will never eat canned goods the same way again. I think you all should read it!

Be good, watch TV.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Go see Caly's blog!

The link is at the bottom of the post where it says "Link"...

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions; no more, no less. ask me anything you want. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this, and allow your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.
(Be forewarned, I am likely to answer, so only ask me something you really want to know!)

Be good, Watch T.V.!


I have tried, unsuccessfully, to audio post in the last month, but, obviously, it didn't work. Anyway, what is up with me? For starters, I spent three days trapped between Mount Vernon, Illinois and Evansville, Indiana, when I-64 was closed due to the wretched snowstorm and hundreds of people trapped in snowdrifts on the interstate. I left my favorite pillow in a skanky hotel room, and I am so sick of driving that... well, I have no way to complete that sentence, suffice to say that I am tired of it. I was so upset, and frustrated, and scared, I had dreams of dying without ever getting to see the people that I love. After my interesting.... adventures.. over Thanksgiving, you would think I would have learned!


Christmas was wonderful, and I have really been enjoying the time I have spent with my family. Christmas presents are wonderful, but family is better. *nods* I miss Nathan with an almost physical ache *sighs* but I knew these things would have to be endured when I chose to start a long distance relationship. Speaking of which!

Our one year anniversary was December ninth! *grins* We weren't together, but we spent the entire week before that together, so it was endurable. I had to cater that night, so I guess money is a good thing, too.

Finals. They sucked. I had three within 24 hours of each other... and they were long ones with many paged study-guides, too. I go TWO YEARS without a class with a comprehensive final, and then this semester four out of five are! I got an A in Civil War history (booyah, mister murphy!), a difficult and yet enjoyable task. I got a B in everything else, which sucks and lowered my GPA SO MUCH. BUT at least I didn't do any worse than a B! I think I am finally getting back on track after all my... issues... that damaged things.

I helped Tara move down to Springfield, which seems to have possible been the biggest mistake of my life. Not because of her, because I think she is finally getting settled and satisfied with her life, and that makes me happy... but after all the crap her family gave her, they are finally supporting her... and I guess I feel a little pushed out. They think I am taking advantage of her, which sucks because I always thought we both helped each other out when we needed it, and that I had made enough sacrifices for her that I didn't deserve that... but apparently that isn't true. I can't ever give enough, I suppose, to deserve friendship and normal relationships. But there is definetly strain now, I don't think she even likes to talk to me on the phone, or knows what to say to me. The hardest thing is, I know that she is SO GLAD that her family is on her side, and I should be dancing and rejoicing that they are! She really does deserve that after all the things they have said to and about her. I just didn't realize that it would come at the expense of one of the closest relationships I've ever had with someone outside of my family. Going back to school and seeing people is the one thing I least want to do, because now Tara is back, but I will still be missing her. *sighs* I guess you can tell what has been on my mind so much lately. Moving on...

I've been watching my brothers play video games like their lives depended on it. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers for X-Box and Spyro the Dragon for the Playstation (yeah, its old, my brother got if off of e-bay). My mom plays neopets, when my dad isn't drafting 280-500 page reports, or specs, or something, for his work. I've cleaned the kitchen a couple of times (and made the lil'uns help), chauferred my little brother, done some shopping, made dinner (Spagetti Sauce from scratch!! *dances* My dad did the major seasoning, though, cause I wasn't sure what to do.), cut Josiah's hair (muhahahaha), made apple-cherry pie (I thought they were cans of the same thing, but they weren't *laughs*), given my hair a deep-conditioning treatment, done some lifting (weights)(that Charles got for Christmas), played Legend of Ze;da (Oracle of Seasons:Gameboy color), Spyro, and LOTR a little, read a couple of books all the way through (The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, More than Honor by David Weber, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien), and made a general nuisance of myself around the house. I'm getting a little bored (I don't even bother getting dressed till the afternoon) and I don't get to talk to Nathan nearly as much as I could wish, BUT I am enjoying being away from Springfield. My dad is going to make Corned Beef and Cabbage for New Years! *grins* I'm never here for St. Patrick's Day, so this is the only time I get to eat it all year, and it makes me so so so so happy! We had an "Italian Feast" for Christmas dinner, and I made Cannolis, but Nothing beats New Years. Except Thanksgiving. But everyone knows that.

So. I am going to get off here now, but feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime! Much love always!

Be good, Watch T.V.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Computer Labs and Rest Stops...

Here I am, everybody! My ridiculous 3,200 and some odd miles driving stint is finally over! I will spend my last weekend of the semester actually IN Springfield... Crazy. School is over in just two weeks.. this semester has flown by. I'm skipping a class I shouldn't be skipping right now, which sucks, but this stupid printer messed up, and I spent the last 45 minutes trying to fix, and by the time I realized that it would have saved me time if I had just walked to the Academic Building, I was already 15 mintues late. *grumbles* I know that I am doing better in this semester, as far as grades are concerned, but attendance...? It isn't ENTIRELY my fault, I was really sick for the first month and a half of school... I TRIED not to miss class, but it happens! I haven't heard any warnings of immenent doom, so pray that I haven't doomed myself to summer school. I'll let you know ;-)

Anyway, I just wanted to take a second to post and let you all know that I am, indeed, still alive!

Be good, watch TV...

Saturday, December 04, 2004


It has been a month since the election. So much has happened! Politically, the crap has hit the fan in the oil for food scandle, and will be interesting to see how mister UN president handles the allegations that he helped to hide his son's involvement. Yassir Arafat died, and the Palestinians held new elections, with a more conservative man winning out. Half of President Bush's cabinet resigned, including Attorney General John Ashcroft and Colin Powell, and my heroine Condaleeza Rice (it seems like there ought to be the title "Lady" in front of her name... I don't know why) is going to take Powell's place. There has probably been more, I just haven't thought of it yet. Oh yeah! There was a shooting outside of the building in Haiti where Powell was making a speech. Craziness! And do you know what is even MORE crazy? I have kept up on all this news AND school.

Here is where the really crazy part begins. I haven't spent a weekend at school in a month. Between Tara's house, Nathan's house, and going home, I have driven over 2,500 miles in just the last two weeks. I spent 11 hours on a 3.5 hour stretch (normally) of I-70 between Kansas City and St Louis the day before Thanksgiving. My life has been NUTS! In the last month, I have had a test in EVERY CLASS, some classes have had more than one, I have had papers due in Spanish, Old Testament, Civil War History and Music Appreciation. I have had homework in most of these classes. And I've gotten MOST of it done... (one assignment missing) I have solid A's in a couple of classes, border line in a couple more, and Spanish is going to be my only low grade at all. This because my teacher and I have different methods of communication, and I'm not talking about a language barrier. But oh well, NO, NOT oh well, Yay! Because for the first time since I've been AT Evangel, I feel like I am in control of what is going on.

So. What else to say? Things that I can't say, I think. My head is so mixed up and crazy, and due to people READING this, I can't say why. Its rather sad really. And now I have you all wondering what it is that you did that I can't talk about. *grins evilly* And maybe I shall tell you and maybe I shant, but either way.... you will always wonder. Hmm.

Bedtime now! *smoochsmooch*