Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Evil Fuzzles From Beyond the Stars

Blame my baby sister. She goes by the name Lizerd online, a name that I am proud to say that I gave her. Well, actually, I call her Lizard-breath but you know... (Her name is Elizabeth for the truly clueless) Amyway, so I got bored this summer. Bored to the point that I gave up on my quest to beat Majora's Mask, bored of my quest to beat Warcraft III, bored of my quest to beat Xenogears... all for the love of Neopets. You can't beat it. You can't really enjoy your little pets. Its the GAMES. My current favorite is Evil Fuzzles From Beyond the Stars, but I also enjoy Pet-Pet Sitter and Extreme Herder. Lizzy like Hannah and the Pirate Caves. I also like the auctions, where you can throw away all your game-earned neopoints on such items as stuffed toys for your neopets, or random items for your little neo house. I love it!

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