Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I hope you voted today, I know I did. And guess what, all you doubters! I didn't vote a straight ticket. But I DID vote for President Bush, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. In this weeks edition of The Lance, the Evangel University newspaper (I use that term loosely), there was printed an Op/Ed piece by a student who believes that voting is nothing more than Hollywood Propaganda. He actually wrote that he believes that its pointless to vote, because our votes count for nothing! Well, guess what, count me in on the propaganda. Write in Mickey Mouse if you want to, but VOTE. Its not a privelage, its a Civic Duty. Like Jury Duty, only it takes about fifteen minutes and you don't get paid. Not that Jury Duty pays that much anyway.

How can your voice count in the American Democratic Process if you never even try to be heard? I know that sometimes it feels like we are trying to vote the lesser of two evils, but things won't change as long as Americans just decide to GIVE UP. If you don't vote, you are letting someone else decide what is best for you, and they might not care what your best interests are. So, maybe you didn't vote today. There are more primaries in May. Actually, they have them like every two MONTHS in Missouri. Elections, I mean. And then next November. Its important.

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