Thursday, November 04, 2004


So, I'm registered for classes next semester. My advisor (and favorite professor) totally didn't even remember that I was a senior... Its so funny what advising week does to teacher's brains. I'm signed up for an Independant Study (the Political Development of Latin America), Intro to Theology (Doctrine!), Spanish Conversation, Washington Studies, and History of the Ancient World through the Roman Era. Only one of those classes is a gen-ed *dances* Do you know what that means? I am really graduating! OH! I should tell you about Washington Studies!

I got accepted into this program where I will get to go to Washington for two weeks next year. The first week is a conference... thing, and we get to go to white house briefings, and behind-the-scenes tours of famous places, etc... The second week I get to intern at (hopefully) a Senator's office. Preferably Jim Bunning (Mitch McConnell imtimidates me) because Senator Bunning just seems so much more friendly and approachable (hehehe, 'specially next to Scotty Baeslar. You Kentucky peeps know what I'm talking about...) So, this is all set for the week starteing after the inauguration, SO we might get to go a couple days early and go to the inauguration!!! Although, bad news, I just found out that this is going to cost $300 more than expected, because we have to bring that much with us for emergencies. Le sigh. BUT... my grandfather paid for the rest of the trip. *sniffles* I don't deserve to be so lucky!

Further, I spent that last couple of hours in the Social Science Office talking to Various and Sundry people, which is so much fun. Like, the office closed before all conversation was finished. I really feel like people at this school care about me as an individual.

Lets see, Nathan is in Tarkio for two weeks, anticipating the release of Halo-2. I hate first person shooters, only slightly so because they steal away mi querido. Except Wolfenstein 3-D. That game kicked MAJOR butt. Anyways...

Be good, Watch TV!

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