Wednesday, November 10, 2004

And Just Because I Like to Post

I am of the opinion that one cannot possibly post on one's blog too many times. I fully believe that one should post until one has said all that one needs to say. That being clearly resolved, I shall continue on to my post.

I have been doing a lot this week. On Monday, I had a Spanish test. *dies repeatedly* On Tuesday, I had a test in Old Testament. Between Sunday night and this exact moment, I have had about six hours of sleep. Spanish and Old Testament are my two lowest grades, you see, and so I had to study extra hard for them. And I think I did okay, but that is all I can promise. I should be in bed right now, I know that I should, but somehow the less I sleep the less I sleep. I wonder why that is?

Today (meaning Tuesday) I also cleaned my room, hung up some posters and Christmas lights, and redecorated so as to make things pretty. And my roomate, by the way, is driving me crazy! One day she hates DJ, the next day she wants to have his babies, then they are just friends, then they aren't speaking... and she also likes to inform me of the opinion DJ has of me. Apparantly I am an annoying know-it-all. Now, any of you who know me at all know that I REALLY hate when people say that about me, almost to the point of paranoia. Add that to the fact that he has kind of creeped me out since the first time I met him (before my roomate did, BTW) and you might get the impression I have of him. So my life is kind of crazy. *smiles*

Well, I think I should get some sleep. Sleep. Sleeeeee...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Be Good, Watch TV (NOT HALO!)

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