Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Well, this is MOSTLY true...


Cuando era niña, yo tenía un amigo se llamó “Snuffy.” Snuffy fue un animalito pero yo creía que él fue una persona real. Snuffy fue también un mestizo entre un perro y un elefante. Supongo que él no tuviera un especie específico porque Snuffy es el Snuffelupagus de Sesame Street.
El estaba velludo con la piel mullido y moreno. Sus ojos estaban negros, su relleno algodón estaba aterronado y viejo, y él tenía una trompa larga. La cosa más importante de Snuffy está que, antes de él fue el animalito mió, él fue el animalito suerte de mi padre y mi tía.
Cuando mi padre era niño, mi abuela lo compró Snuffy. Papá lo trajo a Snuffy a todos sus juegos de béisbol y todos sus partidos de lucha. Snuffy tenía suerte. Cuando Papá tuvo ocho años, mi tía Laura nació. El se lo dio a Laura cuando ella empezó a competir en la gimnasia. Cualquier que juego los jóvenes jugaba, Snuffy tenía suerte.
Nací cuando tía Laura tuvo trece años. Entonces ella me lo dio el Snuffy a mí. No estuve una deportista, pero lo amaba. El durmió en mi cama, jugó con mis otros juguetes, y siempre él lograba a huir los sustantivos malos de mis hermanas. (Mis hermanas siempre tentaban a maquillarse a mis muñecas y otros animalitos con un bolígrafo.) Yo no sabía que Snuffy fuera un animalito suerte hasta mi abuela murió.
El primero tiempo yo oí la historia de Snuffy estaba a fúnebre de mi abuela. Papá y tía Laura se levantaron y dijeron el cuento de de Snuffy. Snuffy manifestaba la entrega que abuela tenía para su familia. Como cuando ella no pudo estar con nosotros, Snuffy estaba.
¿Dónde está Snuffy ahora? No se. Después el fúnebre, yo devolví Snuffy a Papá. Creo que Papá se lo da a mi hermano Josiah, pero no se. Lo perdí, pero acuerdo cuando Snuffy fue mi amigo.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Guess where I am?

I'm in Tarkio, silly-billy! I'm here with Tara and Amanda, and we have been watching flash movies all evening... I still love homestar. Just thought I would let everyone know that I am here and safe!

<3 Me

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

All Articles That Coruscate With Resplendence are Not Truly Auriferous

O'er this north door a trace still lingers
Of how a Gothic craftsman's fingers
Could make stones creep like ivy stems
And tilings coruscate like gems.

~George Bernard Shaw

I've decided that coruscate is my word of the day. It means "to give off or reflect light in bright beams or flashes, sparkle" OR "to be brilliant or showy in technique or style."

I have a chance to go out of town this weekend, basically to wherever I want. Nebraska, Tarkio... my friend just needs to get out of town. And that just happens to serve my motives quite perfectly. Unfortunately, I am
  • a halo widow.
  • So, somehow, I have to find a way to TELL Nathan that I will be in is general vicinity sometime tomorrow, and I don't have any way to do so! I don't think he saw the message I left him on a certain board in LoK. Pouty_Girlfriend indeed!

    Alright, well, Ima sign off and go to bed now. Much love, laughter, and good times to all!

    Be Good, watch TV

    Wednesday, November 10, 2004

    And Just Because I Like to Post

    I am of the opinion that one cannot possibly post on one's blog too many times. I fully believe that one should post until one has said all that one needs to say. That being clearly resolved, I shall continue on to my post.

    I have been doing a lot this week. On Monday, I had a Spanish test. *dies repeatedly* On Tuesday, I had a test in Old Testament. Between Sunday night and this exact moment, I have had about six hours of sleep. Spanish and Old Testament are my two lowest grades, you see, and so I had to study extra hard for them. And I think I did okay, but that is all I can promise. I should be in bed right now, I know that I should, but somehow the less I sleep the less I sleep. I wonder why that is?

    Today (meaning Tuesday) I also cleaned my room, hung up some posters and Christmas lights, and redecorated so as to make things pretty. And my roomate, by the way, is driving me crazy! One day she hates DJ, the next day she wants to have his babies, then they are just friends, then they aren't speaking... and she also likes to inform me of the opinion DJ has of me. Apparantly I am an annoying know-it-all. Now, any of you who know me at all know that I REALLY hate when people say that about me, almost to the point of paranoia. Add that to the fact that he has kind of creeped me out since the first time I met him (before my roomate did, BTW) and you might get the impression I have of him. So my life is kind of crazy. *smiles*

    Well, I think I should get some sleep. Sleep. Sleeeeee...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Be Good, Watch TV (NOT HALO!)

    John Ashcroft

    Well, this news is sure to generate a little comment on the Evangel Campus: John Ashcroft, the US Attorney General whose father was the President of Evangel 30 years ago, resigned today. I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting anything like this... and I have mixed emotions about it. I was so excited when he became attorney general! I still like him better than I ever liked Janet Reno, but by the same token, he made a lot of decisions that I heartily disagree with. I think this will be a story that I will be following for awhile...

    To All the Halo 2 Widows

    I feel your pain, I really do. You see, I too, lost a loved one to Halo 2. It is a sad thing, really. Because first they needed that warm-up week, to refresh all their skills on Halo the original. And I'm sure all of the grieving women out there are already well aware that at midnight last night, Halo 2 was introduced to the world. I don't know when my boyfriend is going to come back from the abyss... as long as he does. Too bad they don't have psychics to communicate with your Halo-dead....

    Be good, please stop playing Halo soon! ;-)

    Thursday, November 04, 2004


    So, I'm registered for classes next semester. My advisor (and favorite professor) totally didn't even remember that I was a senior... Its so funny what advising week does to teacher's brains. I'm signed up for an Independant Study (the Political Development of Latin America), Intro to Theology (Doctrine!), Spanish Conversation, Washington Studies, and History of the Ancient World through the Roman Era. Only one of those classes is a gen-ed *dances* Do you know what that means? I am really graduating! OH! I should tell you about Washington Studies!

    I got accepted into this program where I will get to go to Washington for two weeks next year. The first week is a conference... thing, and we get to go to white house briefings, and behind-the-scenes tours of famous places, etc... The second week I get to intern at (hopefully) a Senator's office. Preferably Jim Bunning (Mitch McConnell imtimidates me) because Senator Bunning just seems so much more friendly and approachable (hehehe, 'specially next to Scotty Baeslar. You Kentucky peeps know what I'm talking about...) So, this is all set for the week starteing after the inauguration, SO we might get to go a couple days early and go to the inauguration!!! Although, bad news, I just found out that this is going to cost $300 more than expected, because we have to bring that much with us for emergencies. Le sigh. BUT... my grandfather paid for the rest of the trip. *sniffles* I don't deserve to be so lucky!

    Further, I spent that last couple of hours in the Social Science Office talking to Various and Sundry people, which is so much fun. Like, the office closed before all conversation was finished. I really feel like people at this school care about me as an individual.

    Lets see, Nathan is in Tarkio for two weeks, anticipating the release of Halo-2. I hate first person shooters, only slightly so because they steal away mi querido. Except Wolfenstein 3-D. That game kicked MAJOR butt. Anyways...

    Be good, Watch TV!

    A Sylvan Lad

    So, here is a Sylvan Lad that I drew. I drew him whilst studying for a quiz in Civil War history, a quiz that I got 29/30 of. Not my fault I didn't recognize the picture of Jo "The Gamecock" Johnston! Anyway... So here it is! Sorry it so big, but, wait... its my page, I'm not sorry!

    Be good, Watch TV... (even if you are in Tarkio and don't even know how much your girlfriend misses you!)

    Tuesday, November 02, 2004


    I hope you voted today, I know I did. And guess what, all you doubters! I didn't vote a straight ticket. But I DID vote for President Bush, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. In this weeks edition of The Lance, the Evangel University newspaper (I use that term loosely), there was printed an Op/Ed piece by a student who believes that voting is nothing more than Hollywood Propaganda. He actually wrote that he believes that its pointless to vote, because our votes count for nothing! Well, guess what, count me in on the propaganda. Write in Mickey Mouse if you want to, but VOTE. Its not a privelage, its a Civic Duty. Like Jury Duty, only it takes about fifteen minutes and you don't get paid. Not that Jury Duty pays that much anyway.

    How can your voice count in the American Democratic Process if you never even try to be heard? I know that sometimes it feels like we are trying to vote the lesser of two evils, but things won't change as long as Americans just decide to GIVE UP. If you don't vote, you are letting someone else decide what is best for you, and they might not care what your best interests are. So, maybe you didn't vote today. There are more primaries in May. Actually, they have them like every two MONTHS in Missouri. Elections, I mean. And then next November. Its important.

    Evil Fuzzles From Beyond the Stars

    Blame my baby sister. She goes by the name Lizerd online, a name that I am proud to say that I gave her. Well, actually, I call her Lizard-breath but you know... (Her name is Elizabeth for the truly clueless) Amyway, so I got bored this summer. Bored to the point that I gave up on my quest to beat Majora's Mask, bored of my quest to beat Warcraft III, bored of my quest to beat Xenogears... all for the love of Neopets. You can't beat it. You can't really enjoy your little pets. Its the GAMES. My current favorite is Evil Fuzzles From Beyond the Stars, but I also enjoy Pet-Pet Sitter and Extreme Herder. Lizzy like Hannah and the Pirate Caves. I also like the auctions, where you can throw away all your game-earned neopoints on such items as stuffed toys for your neopets, or random items for your little neo house. I love it!