Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I tried to post something earlier, but blogger was being all funky with their "errors" so I had to just, well... I gave up. *nods* Anyway. I really like the word anyway. And so. So. See? Its like the perfect transition word. With just two little letters it says "I'm tired of talking about this, lets move on. And I don't have enough patience to lead from one topic to another." So.

I have Spanish class in a half hour. A half hour! Its too soon. I haven't missed any classes this semester, although I have missed chapel twice. Once because I didn't want to go, and one because I didn't feel well. That was this morning. I think I have to go to the nurse again, because I am still sick and I've finished my medicine. And also, my mom really wants me to get those bloodtests done. Ick! Did I write about that? I don't remember... Well, in case you don't know, the nurse thinks I have diabetes. Weird, eh? Or she said maybe there is something wrong with my Thyroid... whatever that means. I don't actually know. Not that you want to know anything about my health problems.

I died my hair last night. No, not dyed, died. See, I tried to go back to my natural color, but its DARK!!! Like, very very dark. A chestnutty black. Or something. That I could live with, but it STREAKED. Thats right, I still have blond streaks in my hair. Its horrible! You can't really tell when its up (which it has been all day) but I can't wear it down, in any fashion. Its so painful to me.

What happened to my perky optimism of the beginning of the semester or... yesterday. *shakes head* I don't know, but I want it back. I don't like being depressed... but I am fighting it. I will win! *mad laughter*

Be good, watch TV!

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