Friday, August 27, 2004

Life, or Something Like It

So, I actually had to put "post on your blog" on today's to-do list. Yes, I actually HAVE a to-do list! I have to! With the start of the semester, life has gone from "do nothing all day" summer to "busy as heck" fall. Let me give you an example of what I mean by sharing with you today's to-do list.

-Register car (get license plate # before chapel)
-Check e-mail (school)
-Talk to Dr. Holsinger about Practicum project (before 2)
-Find Mr. Murphy afterwards to find out how to join College Republicans
-Call Brandon Nelson about Pi Gamma Mu
-Call Erika and Amanda to set up time to work on Civil War project
-Get a notebook for Floor Council meetings
-Call Daddums (after nine PM)
-Call Home, Nathan, and Tara (in that order)
-Update Blog
-Do Laundry

Somewhere in there, I have to find time to take my medicine, eat lunch and/or dinner, and get some reading done for my classes (why put it off all weekend?) Everyday is busier than the one before, but I don't mind. So, let me tell you what has happened in the week I have been here:

Left Lexington at the crack of midnight, Saturday morning. Mom, Dad, Lizzy and Josiah came. Coughed most of the way, slept from 2 AM till 4 AM when Dad scared the crap out of us all in St Louis. Cleaned up all of my stuff that fell over in the back onto the sleeping little kids. Ate breakfast at McDonalds near Rolla. Got to Evangel 8AM CST, 9 AM EST. Stood in line for a couple of hours for check-in while my dad and said little kids carried all my stuff upstairs. Cried when parents left around noon (I think). Started unpacking, was accosted by roomate's mother for trying to rearrange my room. (geez). Went to Kansas City with Leah to pick up Jen Corey. Called home. Coughed and felt very very sick. Got back right before midnight. Went to my room, cried because said roomate's mother and father rearranged to room in such a way as I had very small space. Called Dad. Stayed up till seven AM trying to find a place for all my things so I could sleep somewhere. Slept.

Okay, that day was long and stressful, so it didn't deserve whole sentences. The next day, I was supposed to go pick Erika up from the airport at 1:30, but her flight was delayed until 3:45. I begged Abra to go get her, because I was so ill, and Abra graciously agreed. But first, she helped my get my stuff out of storage, and move most of it up to my room (the rest was in her trunk, and we didn't have time). By this time, I had taken two or three doses of dayquill, and was feeling slightly better. Also, Andy Wall saw us moving my stuff upstairs, and kindly volunteered to help. So, Andy and I accompanied Abra (I was still feeling too sick to drive) to Kansas City. We got there about an hour late (lots of construction plus Abra drives slow) and started back. We got in around 8 or 9, and Tara (who was helping Shannon move in) came over to see me. I went with Tara and her family (plus my roomate Lauren came along) to Steak & Shake, then Shannon, Tara, Lauren, and I went to Wal-Mart. Tara bought me a phone. Tara spent the night with me, we slept in the study room (for old times sake) and I was really sick all night. Didn't get much sleep. Tara went with her family to get stuff out of storage, and I went to bed. Later, I went to lunch with her family and her at Brahms. (odd place) That afternoon, Abra and Tara came over while I was on the phone with my dad, and helped me move furniture (including moving my roomates so that she wouldn't be taking up to whole room. We really only pushed her desk slightly closer to her bed. Half the room exactly.) Tara also tried to figure out a way to come back to school, but was unsuccessful. Tara left that night, and I think I called my parents again. I was still feeling really sick. Everyday I drank as much as 2 liters of water, but still felt dehydrated.

So, the last few days. I can't really remember exactly what happened each day, so I'll just list signifigant events. Firstly, I ate lunch and dinner in the Caf everyday, and I remembered that it always makes me sick. The last time I ate there (Wednesday night) I threw up that night and the next morning. I think its the Salad. I've also been sick with the bad coughing, sore throat, and constantly thirsty, so on Wednesday, I also went to the nurse. She gave me a shot, and a perscription for Keflex (cheap generic actually) for my cough. She said it probably just started off as a little cold, but the coughing probably inflamed my bronchial tubes, and caused a secondary infection sooo that is why I was coughing for two weeks. She also said the whole feeling dehydrated thing might be diabetes or a thyroid problem (actually, that was the reason I went to see her, because Jess was worried and told me that might be a problem) but she didn't want to do blood work while I was still sick (and also, I think she is hoping that I will be able to get insurance before she has to do it, because blood work is expensive). Um... I am still the treasurer for Pi Gamma Mu, so I have that to do this semester. I also was elected the secretary for my floor council! (YAY!) Classes, and a work study job, should keep me busy. Oh, and the work study job? Chief doesn't WANT to hire students, but he doesn't have a choice. Because, going into the second week of school, he still doesn't have enough dispatchers, so he gave in and I have at least an appointment to talk to him next week. It doesn't mean a job for sure, but it is likely! (Double YAY!) My roomate doesn't like to share things, so our room consists of two TVs, two dvd players, two fridges, two phones... you get the picture? I had to buy a spliter so that I would be able to watch TV (she took the cable) and I borrowed a spliter from Erika for my phone so that I would have my nice happy cordless phone that doesn't sound like an alarm (hers isn't a cordless, and the ring is LOUD and sounds like a fire alarm) I am all organized, my things are all unpacked and put away (mostly) and I even have a desk calender that is keeping me organized. And post-it notes! I call my parents almost everynight, unless they call me first, which is another change from previous semesters. I just can't stand the thought of not be connected to them, so... it makes me happy. Its hard, and there have been some difficult things that I am dealing with, but God is proving himself (as always) so very, very faithful. I am so blessed! I feel comforted, and trusting, even through the hard times, although I must confess I have my moments of fear and doubt. But God is teaching me to hang on, to trust Him, to just give every problem to Him, and to not worry. It brings to mind this verse:

"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." Matthew 10:29, 30

God knows, and He is taking care of me.

Be good, watch TV...

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