Sunday, July 25, 2004

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And here is my transcription of part of that (the general idea):
Note to self:  Type this as a real post later.

Well, ladies and folks, it is 12:15 AM as I begin today’s thought of the day, and in true general rant fashion, I am not going to go into the specific cause of today’s soapbox moment, but simply give you the result of a very complicated formula.  So here goes.  What is wrong with my generation?  To borrow from my sister Rebekah, where did the “cabbage-mutant-ninja-patch” kids go wrong?  Four, five, six years ago, we were front-row sitting, holy ghost filled, devil-butt-kicking warriors in the name of God.  When did real life take over?

It is so hard to believe your message when I find out the things you’ve been doing when no one is looking.  What happened to integrity, purity, sanctity, wholeness, holiness, respect?  How can you say you love God, raise your hands in church, say you know God has a calling on your life, and then wantonly throw it all back in the face of the Omnipotent Creator of heaven and earth?

Yeah, the path he asks us to follow is narrow, but it is straight.  Don’t blame anyone but yourself when you fall, you could have made a better choice.  Be you.  Step up to the plate.  Don’t mess around with God, you are only hurting yourself.  And you KNOW I mean me, too.  I may be the “worst of sinners” but I wanna make things right.

I’m tired of messing around.  I’m tired of seeing my generation, and the generation following mine, coming up in the church right now, fall away, and become just “normal adults,” people with messed up lives, a mortgage, a car payment, two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence.  Honestly!  Is that all we want for our lives?  Can’t we make any sacrifices to see this world changed?  Make a difference?  We’ve been hearing this our whole lives: “You are the generation that is going to make a difference in this world.  It’s all up to you now.”  And the older you get, the less opportunity you have.  Don’t waste that!

Okay, that’s all I felt like transcribing, you can listen to the whole rant if you WANT to, but this is the gist of it.
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Saturday, July 17, 2004

The pictures

I told you pictures would be here shortly!  The only problem, I don't know how to make them any smaller, so this will be a looooong post.  One of my msn groups hasn't been working, so hopefully this one will not also kick the bucket. 
This is the night after Jason arrived in Springfield.  He and Tara were leaning over a photo album, being all cute, when I snapped this. 
This is in Nebraska, at Nathan's dad's house.  Tara and David and Jason were just sitting around playing Budokai 2 and I requested a goofy face picture.  Only Jason obliged. 
This was when we stopped at a gas station after going to see Spiderman 2 in Auburn, Nebraska.  They guys were having a "see who can carry Tara for the longest amount of time contest."  Jason won *winks* 
See above description... 
So, here we are, getting ready to leave.  Taking pictures with the sun behind you isn't a good idea!  Its Nathan, me, Tara, and Jason.  Notice in this picture... Nathan's haircut!!! Compare to the picture from the gas station... *evil laughter*
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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A long one!

This is an actual for real long post about what I did last weekend... five minutes of all ME!  Muhahahahahahaha...

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Monday, July 12, 2004

It Begins

My first audio blog, dedicated to the fact that I can now post... audibly!

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That was so fun, I want to audioblog again! But I really was thinking of a lot of things I want to post on here as I drove back from St Louis today. Five hours + NO sleep= Creative genius. Or not.. okay, nap time! *huggles*

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Ever just out, minding your own business, strolling across the internet, when suddenly you find yourself confronted by someone's blog and you think to yourself, "...whoa... freaky..."? I have. You see, I was doing just that, and I saw this guys blog and realized that not only was it really interesting and poetic (what there is of it) but that I found myself with something in common of a complete stranger. So, here it is, the link, in case you too wish to snoop around on the internet like...
  • When Not to Speak
  • . Its really pretty neat, albeit short. What else to say?

    Tara and I were so grouchy this morning! I got upset first when the phone rang for Tara at 7 AM and she didn't answer it, so I had to. Then at 7:30 when she and Erika woke me up talking about heaven knows what (I am pretty sure I yelled at them that time). Then at 9:30 when Tara came back in, and at 10 AM with the phone again (Tara had gone back to bed). That time I actually got OUT of bed, because I thought I had to go pick Jason up. At some point, I think Tara and I started yelling at each other, but the whole thing is kind of fuzzy. I know she told me she was mad at me, but she doesn't remember it at all. I was once more awakened at 1:00 PM, friend across the hall crying loudly. After comforting her, I gave up and took a shower. This is what happens when one doesn't go to bed until 4:30. I still feel a bit woozy, but as I always, I blame that wretched mood on the fact that I was not only not awake, but also sick. And I drove all night. Still feel bad, though...

    I cut Nathan's hair! I told him he looks like a blond beatle, but he doesn't really... I actually didn't do that bad of a job! I also gave him the nickname drooly, but thats another story all together...

    Peace, love, and applesauce!

    Be good, watch TV...

    Happy Independence Day!

    Okay, I know it is technically after July 4th, but I was internet inaccessible at that time *wink wink nudge nudge*. But I was busy celebrating our freedom with my friends, and with on of them in the military and another one military-bound, I am pretty sure we all remembered the gravity that accompanies the celebration, when one considers the cost of our independence. And so, yes, Nathan is probably joining the Air Force. *sighs softly* Its so strange, I never felt like our family made any sacrifice when Daddy was in the Navy, although I guess we did, but now that I see it from the point of view of a (nearly) grown person, its scary! I am so proud of him, and I will support him no matter what he does, I just don't want to lose him. On the weekend...

    Pictures will be forthcoming...

    We left around 6:00 PM on Friday... We were supposed to leave at 11:00 AM, but I decided that I wanted to have my break pads replaced before we went... good thing! I had to have the back breaks replaced! It was, oh, about $200 more than I wanted to spend, but I am pretty certain that it was worth it. Especially since we hit some NASTY storms nine miles outside of Clinton Missouri, storms that continued all the way through till Platte City, and then died off. We got to Dawson, Nebraska (the white star is where Nathan's house is, the red star is town) around 11-ish. We greeted Nathan and David (after almost hitting a deer) and talked for a bit before bed. The next day, we all just chilled around the house till around 5:30, when we drove to Auburn (about 18 miles north of Dawson) and caught Spider Man 2 at a GORGEOUS little movie theater. We went back to Nathan's and chilled until late, then went to bed. The next day, we went to Falls City, Nebraska (18 miles south-ish of Dawson) to get stuff for cookies. On the way back, the boys INSISTED that we stop for fireworks, so Tara and I waited in the car whilst the guys bought lots of things that explode. Got back to the house, then left along with Nathan's dad for a cook-out at Nathan's dad's girlfriend's house. (say THAT three times fast) Hung out there, had hamburgers, chased chickens, and played with kitties till around 7. Then we went back to the house, where Nathan and Jason blew up some barrels, coke cans, and, well, I don't even WANT to know what else. We heard a lot of explosions from inside, where we were baking cookies. It finally got dark, so we all went out (David and Al, Nathan's dad, had just gotten back) and enjoyed the fireworks that the guys bought. I lit one, I think it was a fountain, but I don't actually remember. It took me FOREVER to light, and then when it finally lit, it took me a minute to remember to move! I didn't know my short lil legs could move that fast. After that, we stayed outside and played flashlight hide-and-go-seek till everyone had been "It" once (they gave us girls a handicap. *frowns* It doesn't seem right, but we NEVER would have caught any of them!) We stayed up REALLY late last night, and none of us (except Nathan) got up till after 3. We left around 8 PM, and got back into town around 2 AM. I, as always, missed a turn, and ended up driving THROUGH Kansas City instead of around. *sighs* Least I didn't drive to Joplin this time... Anyway, we got pictures developed, and dropped Jason off at his hotel, and I've spent the last half hour typing this (had to look up links *winks*) And now... bed! Much love and sun screen!

    Be good, watch T.V.

    I love Squishy!