Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Rings and Things

I have no idea what the title of this entry means, I just thought it rhymed and sounded pretty. Actually, I don't even really have anything to talk about because pretty much all I have been doing is trying to figure out HOW IN THE HECK to send my teacher my essays. Apparantly he hasn't ever gotten any of them! Or my test! *sniffles* I hope everything turns out all right with this... Pray for me!

Oh yeah, today is special! It is the sixth month anniversary of the day Nathan and I started dating... its a little bit scary. You know, I guess I ought to use the word "dating" a bit less loosely, since we've only been on two dates, not counting the day we spent at his house, and never alone, so I don't know what you call it. :) Anyway, I really am going now *waves* Bedtime! (Thats right, I haven't been to bed yet, and its 4 AM)

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