Saturday, June 19, 2004

Death in the Family

Tara's pet fish died. But then, I suppose to tell you about that, I would have to begin with the fact that Tara bought a fish. About two weeks ago, Tara and I were shopping at Wal-Mart, gone with the sole purpose of buying chap-stick. We went down where the chap-stick is, and then spotted the fish aisle only a few rows down. Needless to say, we decided right then and there that we needed fish. I picked out this adorable little chubby goldfish with a spot, and Tara bought a longer, leaner, but just as precious little goldfish. After picking out the necesary supplies (aquarium, gravel, food) we went home... without chapstick. After a few days of debate, we finally decided on names. Tara went the Japanese route and named her fish Irani. It means shrimp. My fish is named Spot, but I call it fish-fish. I don't know why, dangit! *wink* Anyway, fish-fish and shrimp were the best of friends. Whenever they heard me say "Hello babies!" they would both swim over to the little hole where the food gets dropped in and wait for their little brown flakes of happiness to descend. I don't know if they really heard me, but whatever it was, they knew when I was coming to feed them. But then Irani got sick. We thought it was ick, but fish-fish never got it! And we were treating the tank, too... but it didn't help. *sniffles*

Okay, I have to talk about other news now...

I got a Missouri driver's license. I had to! Mine expired, and I just couldn't wait until I got home to get it renewed, so I am just going to switch it back over once I get home. $20 wasted somewhat, when I couldn't really afford it, but I can afford a ticket even less. I still want to vote in Kentucky, which is why switching back is so important. Also, I have a couple of points on my Missouri license, because of that ticket last year, but they don't transcend states so my Kentucky license is clear. The same day, Tara got her drivers permit! So car, she has managed to kill, maim... or well, at least she hit a possum. It was almost cute, too, somehow, right before it thumped. We cleaned one of our rooms quite thouroghly, except for Erika's stuff around and on her desk. We didn't really think it was our place to mess with her desk. But the rest of the room is finally clean!!! I won't even tell you that it took both myself and Tara with our arms completely full of bags to take all the trash out... And that with Erika taking some of it out the other day!

We are (hopefully!) going to Nebraska for the fourth of July!! Yayayayayayayayay! Me and Jason and Tara and Jess and maybe Erika! And we are trying to convince Dewey and DJ from Tarkio... *hmms* I should tell Nathan to ask David to come. (Nebraska means Nathan's house with his dad, David is Nathan's little brother) I might get to meet Nathan's dad and grandparents... I'm nervous, but excited. I know that sounds weird, but I get along with Kema, his mom (I even know her birthday!) and so it makes me more confident about meeting his family. Plus, I guess its just part of this whole thing that I want to understand Nathan, and I kind of feel like I will have a better perspective meeting the people he is related to. Jason will be here from Korea on the 26 (more or less) I am driving to St Louis international to get him.. I've been to St Louis, but not the airport, so its a bit scary. I like Kansas City, its closer, smaller, and I've been there several times before (Nathan and Tara remember *wink*)

All righty, so this was my real post that I promised to a few people, hopefully more later. Love, hugs, and mayonaise!

Be good, Watch TV

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