Sunday, May 09, 2004


My life is crazy wacko busy! I never thought it was possible to be this tired, get this much (and yet so little) acomplished and still have time to update my blog. For those not in the loop (practically everyone) I am going to summer school here at good ol' EU. This required moving all of my things from my third floor dorm room on the north side of campus all the way to either the second floor room of my new room on southside OR for things that can be, moving them to a storage unit on the south side of town. The southwest side. I live on the very NORTHEAST side. Don't ever store U-Haul... for all the pain they have caused me this week, they should feel lucky that we didn't say "forget the deposit, you suck and we are finding someone else." We reserved a unit a block from the school. They "lost" the reservation... but unfortunately, my compadres found this out while I was en route to getting lost in Joplin (I was trying to come back to Springfield from Kansas City), and none of them had the energy or the motivation (or the need, they thought) to call Customer Service. Instead, they accepted a rate increase and a move to the oppostite side of town... The whole sordid affair would be laid at my feet by other memebers of the party, and I had to fix everything. Why me, who is paying the same amount as anyone else, had to fix it, I don't know. After yelling at a bunch of people at U-Haul for a couple of hours, I got out rate lowered back to the reserved rate and next months rent free... because our reservation was still in the computer! They had lied at the original U-Haul storage place!!!!! *sighs* But that left us with not a few large items that should have gone on Thursday, and now the truck we borrowed was no longer available to us until after noon today (Saturday), the time Tara and I were supposed to be checking out of Lewis for good... *falls over* And Tara and I had to work 8 hours yesterday afternoon, and I had to work them today as well... so we have been well tried in our abilities to overcome obstacles. Thank God for Cletus... he is surely a godsend. He did more of the actual moving of boxes and such than Tara and I combined, and bought us lunch to boot... we don't deserve such help, but it was provided nonetheless... God is good.

So now I am in my new room in Walther hall, chilling and trying to not stare with dreadfilled eyes at the many things left to unpack... more later!

Be good, Watch T.V.

Happy mother's day, Mom, Grandmother, and Mary Vincent!!!! I love you all very much!

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