Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Read the previous post firstI'm still weird...

So, Friday was a little bit traumatic, but Saturday was better. We (meaning me, Tara, and Shannon) decided to go to a matinee in Maryville on Saturday, and Shannon agreed to bring Nathan, too. So we all piled into the explorer and headed about 30 minutes south to Maryville. I got to sit in the back with Nathan (don't worry, Mom) and talk and maybe cuddle a little bit as we rode down there, but when we got to movie theater, we realized that, not only were they not showing any good movies at that little theater, but the first one didn't start until 3:15. This was a problem because Nathan had to go somewhere else in Maryville at 4, so we decided not to do the movie thing at all. Instead, we followed Shannon around first Maurices and then JC Penney as she searched for clothes. Then the four of us went to Wal Mart and wandered around for awhile, I got my pictures developed. We dropped Nathan off near the North West University library around 3:30 and went back to Tarkio. We stayed at the house and napped all that afternoon. Tara and I made chocolate chip cookies completely from scratch. Unfortunately, when I was taking the first batch out of the oven, I used the wrong potholder and burned my hand badly. I had it in cold water for over three hours and it was still burning badly enough to make me cry the moment my hand left the water. Finally, we just bandaged the darn thing and I held an ice cube in a sandwhich back wrapped with a towel in my hand until it all melted. At this point I finally fell asleep, and woke up the next morning just fine. It should have blistered. But Mrs Riley prayed for it, and when I finally took the bandage off, the skin was shiny and red, but there was no blister. It stung a little when the air first touched it, but even that pain disappered quickly. Its quite amazing.

Sunday. We dressed up and went to church. The sermon was vaguely about Christ's crucifixtion. Vaguely. I got claustrophbic standing in the lobby waiting to leave after church was over, I think the entire congregation of the church, including children, was all shoved into this very small space. There were so many people there! All the pews were full, and they had to fill the back and aisles with chairs from the Sunday School Rooms. They didn't even have the nursery open, so all of the children were in service. Anyway, we finally left the church, went back to Tara's, and changed. Then we went to her grandmother's house for lunch, and I met her mom's entire family with the exception of her Uncle Larry. Let me see if I can remember them all...

There were her grandparents, Mr and Mrs Barr. Then there was Mr. and Mrs. Riley, Tara and Shannon (Bridget was at work), Tara's Aunt Robyn, Robyn's daughters Toby, Carrie and Jaime. Toby is married to Matt, who wasn't there, and their daughter is a baby, I forget her name. Carrie is married to Gary, and their sons are Austin and Remington. Tara's Uncle Kim was also there. Her Aunt Robyn's husband wasn't there, and I don't know his name. Whew!

We went back to Tarkio and packed up the car. We stopped by Pamida to get some drinks and snacks for the trip, and I called Nathan's house. We were supposed to see him before we left, take him some cookies that we made and get my birthday present... and he wasn't there!! But Kema, his mom, told us to come on by, and she would give me my talking teddy bear (its blue, and what it says is for me to know and you... not to find out! *grins*) from Nathan. Turns out his friend gave him five minutes notice that he was leaving to take Nathan back (which is so not fair!) to his dad's house, and so I didn't even get to say goodbye. *sniffles* That done, we came back to Springfield, and I went to work at midnight. And that was my weekend!

Be good, watch T.V.

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