Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Life, the Universe, and Everything


It was only recently that I remembered that number. My roomate's boyfriend had an away message that simply said "42" and well, it was scary. I knew exactly what he meant.

Random Rant

Stupid people get on my nerves. Stupid is a subjective term, because by stupid, I don't mean ignorant, and I don't mean unintelligent. I mean people who have the capacity to be perfectly normal, or at least perfectly civil, human beans, and choose not to be. You can be creative, eccentric, and even a little odd... I am myself... but PLEASE don't subject me to your random bouts of egocentricity. Don't make me listen to you lecture the world on how much better you are, how much more intelligent, how much more wise or knowledgable, cultured... I really don't care. Because to be perfectly honest, if you feel the need to tell me you are better than I am, I don't care. Be more intelligent, more wise, more cultured... people will notice. *twitch* And don't re-explain what I just told you, either! I wish a plague of Black Mage on you! *stabbity stabbity stabbity*

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