Monday, April 12, 2004

I am so weird

I just got back from Tarkio. *dances* Easter was fun, although Tara's church is a bit... odd. Her grandmother is a wonderful cook! I saw Nathan on Friday. *blinks* That was a bit traumatic. I've never actually TOLD Tara's parents we were dating. Her mom knew because she saw us holding hands last time I was up there... but her dad didn't. Tara's dad hates Nathan, for no reason that I can tell except that his cousin Kema, Nathan's mom, is probably his least-favorite family member. The point is this: It wasn't any of his business. I just didn't want him to be horrid to Tara over it, as he has a nasty habit of blaming my beloved roomie for everything. At the same time, I've felt like I was being a bit disloyal to mi querido, as though I was ashamed of him, by not saying anything. ALL OVER NOW!

Tara and I walked up to Nathan's house about 4:45, but we had to be back by 6:30, 7:00 for dinner. So we left around 6:15, and Nathan wanted to walk us back part of the way (he tries to stay away from Mr. Riley, so he wouldn't go all the way) We saw Bridget and Mrs Riley on main street, and realized that dinner wouldn't be ready for sometime, so we decided to walk around town. As we walked down the street, Nathan and Tara's friend D.j. drove past, so we followed him around the corner. We met up with him and stopped to talk for probably 20 minutes. Then Tara's dad drove up, looking for us. He summoned Tara to his window, and proceeded to inform her that he was going to "have a talk with us" (yell) and that we were to come back to the house immediately. This was, I suppose, due to the fact that Nathan had his arm around my shoulders, and I suppose D.J. looked "dangerous" because he was wearing a trenchcoat. And the town bar was just up the block a little ways. *sighs* I cried. I know what they did to Erika, Tara's old roomate, when they were mad at her, and wasn't looking forward to the same treatment. I didn't want to be unwelcome to come to their home, and I HATE being yelled at. Hate. HATE. Nathan walked us to the corner, kissed me goodbye (we didn't know if we were going to be able to see each other again) and watched us walk back. That was so hard. I called my mom before we went in... she said Mr. Riley had no right to yell at me and that I had my parent's blessing to date Nathan, and that it was none of his business. And guess how it turned out?

Mrs. Riley had already yelled at HIM. Told him I was 21 and what I did wasn't his business. He thought we had come out of the bar and been drinking!!! And he was mad about me and Nathan. Her only concern was that I hadn't talked to my parents and that if "something" happened my parents would blame them. *cough* I proceeded to tell her what my mom said to me, and also that, "I have nothing at all to be ashamed of. I love Nathan, and there is nothing 'bad' about our relationship." I also reassured her that nothing was going to "happen." Geez. What on earth would make people that either Nathan or I would be sleeping together? *blinks* I know that some people do, duh, but ME? As if anyone cares or needs to know (don't care if you do though) we barely even kiss at all! I haven't even been alone with him more than five minutes. And DRINKING? Oi. *sighs* So thats about all that came of that, cept D.j. offered to drive Nathan down here once a month IF Mr Riley decided I wasn't welcome to come up there anymore. AcK! I have to go to work, more in a bit.

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