Monday, March 01, 2004

The weekend that was...

So where to begin... Let us start with Thursday. I spent the day cleaning my room, Tara and I frantically attempting to undo a weeks worth of trash, clothes and general messiness. I also did a bunch of reading for class and prepared a script for a presentation my group was giving in History of 20th Century Europe. I also chose this time to do my laundry. All these things finished, I hopped into bed quite early... in the morning. Approximately 4:30 AM, in fact. I woke up and went to class on Firday, completely forgetting about chapel... *sighs* I got back to my room, threw some stuff in a bag, and around 3:45 Tara, Shannon, and I left for Tarkio.
Now I typically have to work at 4:00 on Friday afternoons, but I switched shifts with someone so I could go along.
We arrived in Tarkio around 8:30 and attended a Tarkio High School basketball game, where I saw David, Nathan's brother. Of course David went home and told Nathan we were there, so he called over to Tara's and we talked for a bit. We stayed up late talking, first between the three of us and Bridget, Tara's sister, and Cassie, Tara's cousin. The younger two headed off to bed, and we three continued to talk until 1:30. Then Tara and I conversed in the dark for awhile before falling asleep. We got up late on Saturday morning, dressed (Tara ate breakfast) and headed over to Nathan's house. The three of us watched Nicklodean for a few hours before walking to Hy-Vee, the grocery store. Well, we weren't actually watching TV the whole time, but we were in the living room and the TV was on. It amazes me how we never run out of things to talk about. ANYWAY... Tara and I linked arms, and Nathan and I held hands as we walked to the store. Just as we got there, Tara's mom pulled up in her car... so she at least suspects about Nathan and I *coughs*
I wouldn't care if she knew, but at the same time, I can't help but wonder what she thinks. Ever since one incident when I first met Nathan (it wasn't written about here) I have been nervous around Mr. Riley.
Nathan walked us back to the house, and we stopped in the park to swing for a bit before we got there. We spent the rest of the night at Tara's house, talking, playing games, and watching movies. I also had the best valentines day card in the world to read.
Let me clarify, we spent most of it at her house, but an hour long chunk was spent chasing her stupid dog around the neighborhood. We also saw Nathan briefly, as he was hanging out at a house down the street...
Sunday was church, lunch, and packing. We stopped by Nathan's to say goodbye and he let us take his playstation back with us! *sniffles* And then we came back to school... the end!

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