Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I hate my life.

Did the title say it clearly enough? Lemme just say it again, I really hate my life. The worst thing is, I can't even talk about why, because that would involve mentioning people I love, and you might notice, if you read back, that I don't do that. I might make vague references to people that I don't like, but unless I don't know them at all...

I am not going to the junior/senior banquet this year. I thought I was going to have the money, but due to above not-mentioned circumstances, I don't. Nathan isn't coming anyway. So I wouldn't have fun, right? I can just work, work is good. I need the money.

I also might not be coming back to school next year. I have today to finish my FAFSA, but I kind of didn't file my taxes yet. I also lost both my W-2s, when I should have spent spring break doing this. This is what happens when you are irresponsible. I will GET financial aid, but probably lose my grants, and already I won't get $1000 that I had for this year. Its only $500 a semester... but still. I also have to get my GPA up, or I'll lose another $500 or so a semester. Its only .2 or something that I need it to go up, and I can handle that. I think.

What else am I screwing up? I know there is something else... besides the normal stuff... Besides complaining and being negative... so lazy... getting annoyed with people. I should limit who I am nice to, who I do things for. Maybe then I wouldn't open myself up to being hurt. The cold indifference of people who don't care that they are rude, or that they have done something. They make you feel always so so small, and you want them not to hate you, not to think you are this cold nasty little pest. But they do anyway, because you are. Okay, I am going to go now, sorry for this glimpse into my twisted little world.

Homework, it calls to me.

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