Saturday, March 13, 2004

Different Things

Well, I have been neglecting a few things in my posts of late, like judging a history fair. It was a Thursday night, the day after "The Passion" (which I still have not seen) opened. I don't know the date, which is why I know I have been neglecting things here at my alternative reality. ANYWAY... it was a group (big group) of homeschool kids, competeing for a variety of prizes. I am going to assume that you all know what a science fair is, and this is just like that, only with history projects instead of science. Myself, Preston Kness, Brandon Nelson, and Matt (there are a bunch of Matts in the social science department, and I do not know the last name of this one) had to walk around and talk to these kids about there projects, and judge them on the basis of creativity, inspiration, enthsiasm, etc.. and there were five smaller awards (one of which we just had to tie, the kids were too good to have to judge between) and one large award, the history buff. They had projects ranging from Geronimo to the Crimean War ( I don't even know what the Crimean war is *blushes*) These kids had so much original research, some of them had read really old (horrid) books that I have heard of but have been too afraid to read. And thats me, Ms. Reads-it-all! So we gave away all the awards and such, and I actually had a really good time... and ended up very impressed with these kids. I was never such a dedicated homeschooler.

Allright, that is the only Missouri thing that I think will make it in here, although I may change my mind later, as the Spirit moves me (I'm just teasing, goofies!). So Tara and I left for Spring Break on Saturday (we were going to leave Friday, but we were just too tired, and we needed to clean our room). We made it through St Louis without incident! (Praise God, seriously. I hate St. Louis.) We were running low on gas and stopped in Clinton Illinois (don't ever do that) to get gas. I pulled into the parking place, and this guy backed out and hit me... didn't look. So we are dealing with insurance mess now. *sighs* Looks like I'll only be getting $750, even though he did over $1200 in damage.

Tara and I spent Spring Break sleeping, chilling out, and visiting fun places like the state capital building in Frankfort, CSF, Tolly-Ho, Lexington Cemetery, Kentucky Theater... I haven't had such a fun week in a long time! Anyway, that was about the extent of it soo... *hugs and smooches*

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