Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Insanity... this is my reality...

So here I am again, posting my heart of hearts to the world... or not. I've decided that you should all ignore my depressing posts, because eventually you just have to decide to get over the hurt... its too hard to try and live with it. Trust me. *smiles*

President Spence (of the University here) won the "Springfieldian of the Year" award. In honour of this momentous occasion, he gave everyone who attended chapel today an extra chapel cut. President Spence rocks!

My room smells like smelly pizza. Its nastiness... and its because of some funny smells in my fridge. And I don't know why! Its not like we ever leave in there for more than like... a night! So I am going to get some baking soda and try and fix it... *giggles*


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