Saturday, December 20, 2003

My answers to the greatest quiz in the world

1. Brenda the haunted illuminist

2. Pepsi... they are taking over the world!

3. Turn narc, for sure. Who would ever want to flout 'the man' like that?

4. Ferrets... Stinky and Bob

5. What is the most annoying thing about me?

6. Everything!

7. Porque Cristo y los angeles hablan espanol!

8. Because they're the bestest!

9. The inventor of reality TV

10. Yes, because I wrote the question, but I AM NOT OBSESSED!! ITS ALL HEATHERS FAULT!!!

11. Blush and stammar

12. They know who they are....

13. This survey

15. I was so tired when I wrote this...

slowly, when the air is dusty, those ones! *points*, colgate, carlos o kelly's

no, yes, no, um.. no *bzzt*, made someone else, my mom wouldn't ever by us one, nope, i wish, not since i was a baby

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