Friday, December 26, 2003

Here I Come Again

So, this is my life. I am at home, life is cool. And, as per an official annoucement, I have a boyfriend. I couldn't say anything on here before because I wanted to talk to my parents about it first. Having completed this task, I am free to announce it to the world. *grins* December ninth, 2003. A day that will live in infamy. Not as infamous as December Twelfth, 1942, but still. His name is *gasp* Nathan Riley. *shock and amaze* Yeah, I know that may seem hard to believe, given how much I obviously despise him... *points to previous posts that prove the sarcasm contained in that last statement* Anyway, this is an incredible experience for me, because he is not only someone I care about as a good friend, but now also someone I care VERY much about as... boyfriend sounds so cheesy here. Whatever. *grins again* I can just say that I am incredibly happy, lucky, ecstatic... to quote my brother Charles, "You know its true... the movies don't lie." Sometime I might get around to putting the whole story up here, but if you want to know, I figure you'll ask. Its funny, kind of, and sweet. Did I tell you Nathan is the sweetest guy in the world? He is. And although I miss him terribly right now, even talking to him online brightens up my day. *huggles* Love ya'll, if there are any "ya'll" out there.

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