Friday, December 05, 2003

*blinks* Where oh where to begin? So much and yet so little to say. Its funny, I only post when I have something I really really want to say, but most of the time I leave it up to y'all to read between the lines to figure it out. So here goes my first post since before Thanksgiving...

I went home for Thanksgiving. Of course I couldn't post that on here, because the goal was to surprise my family... but then my mom just HAD to call... and I can't lie! Not to direct questions, I most certainly can't. She called me just as I was getting out of St Louis, that EVIL city. I HATE St Louis! Its... its... *faints*
*recovers* Anyway, so after getting through that evil city during rush hour the day before Thanksgiving, I finally made it home... it was about 11 there, which was only about 10 to me, so it wasn't too bad. Its kind of weird losing an entire hour for a few days, and then suddenly getting it back. Sort of.

We had Thanksgiving in our living room with my mom and dad, grandmother, Aaron and Nikki (my older cousin and his girlfriend), Sarah and Michael, Rebekah, Charles and Michelle, Sam, Elizabeth, Josiah, My uncle Beau and his friend Charlie *blinks*, and of course, me. And my grandmother's dog Ugl... Scooter. Now, for those of you who have never seen my house, its tiny. Itty bitty. NOT BIG. We put the TV in my brothers' room and pulled out their bed (a futon) and set it up in the living room. So seating arrangements were pretty informal. There were three couches, two rocking chairs, and other random chair that were pulled out from around the house. We set up the food buffet style (there was just no other way with that many people!). We even used some really old table clothes that were once my great-grandmothers to make the table look pretty. We used my mom's good plates (not her best china, too risky) and real silver. So, although it was a little unorthodox, it was great fun. It was kind of weird, though, being home. You get used to being in a certain environment, like a dorm, and then going back home and its so different. And with it being a later time zone, I was always the last to go to bed. I mean, I stay up pretty late here anyway, but add an extra hour to that... Anyway, I was there from Wednesday night until Saturday morning. I got back to school around four (CST) and hung out with Erika for the rest of the day... and on into the night. We went out and took pictures of each other around Springfield until 4:30 in the morning. *coughs*

Now why, you may ask, would I want to do such a crazy thing like that? First of all... DUH! I am a college student. We do stuff like that... can't do it once we get old and tired, you know. Secondly, I cut my hair. And dyed it blond... and some people requested pictures. Erika and I didn't have anything better to do, both having napped in the afternoon, so we just decided to go out an be silly. The result?

Yes, I know that it is a crappy picture. Yes, I know I have red eye... that isn't the point!!! The point is that I took a picture of me with short blond hair. With my really cute new jacket that my grandmother gave me *smooches* You should see some of ERIKAS pictures! *coughs* Think Fiona... in Shrek... at the end... when they are doing karaoke... If you don't get it, thats okay, I don't want to corrupt you.

Bah... I have class. Okay, real quick, last night...

We had Lewis Hall Devos... devotions... usually just individual floors do it, but this was one all together. Anyway, Tara and I had the choice to go to that, or to Higgins (don't know why its called that), a Christmas party hosted by the guys of K2S (Krause 2nd south, Krause is the guys dorm where all the crazy, typical college guys live. Scott is where the musicians, honor students, and weird guys live...) Tara and I almost didn't go, but at the last minute decided to go to Devos...we were, in fact, about ten minutes late. Which is sad, because we only had to walk about 10 seconds to be there. ANYWAY. So, our hall worship team leader is named Cullen Reed... a friend of mine, but not one that I talk to about any of my problems, at all. After devos were just about over, they decided to sing one more worship song, which ended up leading into a really intense time of worship. To make a long sotry short, Cullen sent someone to find me at the back of the room, and making sure that everyone else kept singing, grabbed one of his worship team members and came down to talk to me.... he said that God had given him a word for my life, and told me, and I just blinked. There was no WAY he could have known. And then he went back, and the girl kept praying for me... and then our DA came over. Shes the girl in charge of Devos in our hall, all of them. And they prayed for me, and I don't know wither of them, but the stuff they prayed was really specific. And right on... and they couldn't have known. Not even Tara knew some of that stuff, and what she does know she would never tell! All I can say is, I cried for a long long time. Yeah, God is still there, and He is still taking care of me. You can doubt all you want, but there is NO WAY they could have known... no way anyone but the Holy Spirit could have led those girls to pary the way they did, or Cullen to say what he said to me. Even when I doubt, God is still faithful... and He still works miricles in our lives.

Okay, gonna be late now, but I had to post this! Byea!

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