Monday, November 17, 2003

I don't have any poetry today *smiles slightly* Classes are going a little bit better, I haven't been skipping at least. We actually had a good discussion in historiography, and it gave me happiness muchly. Dr. Hall actually blinked at me and said I had a really good point... twice! And this was after I had been criticized by this guy who said I was wrong. It was greatness... we also has a good discussion in Military History. Lessee... did I ever say that iI found my celly? Yeah, it was in my car! Don't know how it got there... but there it was. My mommy and daddy and grandmother are helping me fix my screwy life... and I get to go home for thanksgiving!!!

Things aren't perfect, and I am still fighting this depression thing, but I wanted to put something positive on here. Its been awhile... love you!

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