Sunday, September 21, 2003

"Feels like you made a mistake
You made somebody's heart break
But now I have to let you go
I have to let you go

You left a stain
On every one of my good days
But I am stronger than you know
I have to let you go
~~Matchbox 20~~

I love that song... and as occasionally happens, I don't really want to explain what it means to me... o.O

I got another hole pierced in my ear... it hurt. Cartlidge piercing, lol. I have to keep this earring in for twelve weeks... *sigh* It is going to be a long twleve weeks.

I went shopping, got cute clothes. Enough said.

I went to Tarkio for the weekend with Tara. Her parents are great! I met her cousin Nathan (known possibly to some of you as 'Tiger'... pictures will be forthcoming. He is a sweetheart, I can see why Tara misses him so much. They had a cookout at Tara's yesterday, and he came, but I guess didn't really want to socialize with anyone there other than Tara (for good reason, I think). But she was busy, and I didn't know anyone, so he was really nice and hung out with me most of the night (after soundly whipping Tara at badminton and clotheslining himself with the net). So we had fun this weekend, me n Tara.

I need new shoes. Actually, I just want new shoes... or boots... hmm.

My ear hurts. I think I have west nile virus, too. Or maybe not. But I was eaten alive by mosquitoes! (which is better than being eaten dead. but i don't think they eat dead people... i do not know)

Okay, I am going to do some work here at work... have a good one!

You taste like honey, honey
Tell me can I be your honey

*giggles* Dezzy n mYst! *giggles more*

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