Wednesday, August 20, 2003

From low to high doth dissolution climb,
And sink from high to low, along a scale
Of awful notes, whose concord shall not fail;
A musical but melancholy chime,
Which they can hear who meddle not with crime,
Nor avarice, nor over-anxious care.
Truth fails not; but her outward forms that bear
The longest date do melt like frosty rime,
That in the morning whitened hill and plain
And is no more; drop like the tower sublime
Of yesterday, which royally did wear
His crown of weeds, but could not even sustain
Some casual shout that broke the silent air,
Or the unimaginable touch of Time.

~William Wordsworth

I go back to Missouri on Friday. *sigh* There are certainly people here I will miss, my family for one... and others... I am tired of my job, not my coworkers, but my job. It used to be fun, now I spend everynight wondering if I will do something wrong and get someone else in trouble. Or if my boss will say something inappropriate. Such a time, but one that is nearly over.

I really will miss my family, that is just about the only thing I dread.

Does anyone even read this?!? (Except for Tara of course... love ya girl! See ya on Saturday!) Although, I must confess, there are certainly people that I don't want reading this, just because I am afraid of the consequences of them knowing me too well.

I will really miss my family... My parents and baby brother especially (I love the rest of you guys just as much, but I hardly see you anyway as it is!) I can say something good about all of my siblings... maybe I will, just for the heck of it... *I love elipses*

Sarah Renee'- Responsible, and fair. She is blunt, which is hurtful at times, but she is also very honest, and admirable trait. Smarter than most people think, and lots of common sense. She also sticks up for me when people are being particularly nasty.

Rebekah Lynn- Extremely gifted in the literary arts (check out the link to her page!), and also a good story teller. I can usually vent about stuff with her because we have very similar viewpoints. Not as much of a bookworm as I am, but has similar taste in books.

Charles Austin- Much taller than me. When in a good mood, fun to mess around with. He knows how to treat girls with the proper respect, generally holds the door open (If Josiah doesn't get to it first). Also lets me pretend that I can still beat his six foot one self up, even though I am almost a foot shorter than he is. Nice self-confidence boost. He also sticks up for his sisters, and sometimes his brothers.

Samuel Grandeson-
I had to take a break writing this because he was in here making starnge noises. Annoying noises. However, he can be very sweet at times, and he obviously cares about his family. He is entreprenurial, and going to be rich some day. A mechanical genuis, I might add.

Elizabeth Ann- She is just getting into the "i have a bad attitude all the time" phase. ;-) Actually, she is growing up quickly, and not really a little girl anymore. She is a cutie, and I can't wait to see the kind of person she develops into in the next few years.

Josiah Thomas-The baby of the family, he loves to give random hugs. A sweetie, even if he is REALLY sarcastic sometimes *don't know where he learned that*

Anyway, thats my note for the day, write me!

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