Sunday, July 20, 2003

I have just realized that I talk to way too many guys. I mean its not that I don't love them and all, but still... I am talking to William, Andy, and Andrew right now...and no girls. Unless Caly or Randi are on, or Tara is home to talk to on the phone, I almost never talk to girls. Its just not fair. Tara, by the way, is very much cool like Jello. Randi is fifteen and from Denmark, and pretty cool too... she is multi-lingual... I know she speaks Danish, Japanese, English, German, a smattering of Spanish, French, and probably a couple of other languages.

So its Sunday, come home from a convicting church service, and I am in a weird mood. Figuring some things out about myself that I need to deal with. I am so scared of going back into a low point, but today is hopeful. I hope you guys will keep me in your prayers, you know that you are in mine.

I am not at the library for once!

Oye guapo, quieres ir a mi casa a practicar espanol?

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